Device Management

The Device Management pages are found by selecting a MikroTik device from your list of deployed devices.


This page shows you various details about the selected device, including it's name, when it was last seen and from where, as well as its uptime status and location.

Any faults or issues with the device are also shown here.

To the left of the details is a sub-menu for performing various functions related to the device which are described below.

DNS Filter Policy

A DNS content filter, also known as a DNS filter, is a network security tool that filters and controls the content accessible by devices on a network by inspecting and managing Domain Name System (DNS) requests. DNS is the system used to translate human-readable domain names (e.g., into IP addresses, and DNS filtering works by analyzing and, if necessary, blocking or redirecting DNS requests based on predefined policies.

DNS filtering allows you to block malicious websites and filter out harmful or inappropriate content. This ensures that your LAN remains secure and allows you to have control over what users can access on networks connected to this router.

More information about the available DNS filtering options can be found under Resources → DNS Filtering.

Security Essentials

The Security Essentials page lists your configured security policies. Add a new policy by clicking the "+" (plus sign" icon. Edit or delete an existing policy by clicking on its name or the edit icon.

MikroCloud collects and aggregates threat data from nearly 400 watchlists. IP addresses of blocked networks are installed onto your router using a BGP feed and traffic to those networks are blackholed. When creating a new security policy you can choose from any or all of these watch lists.

More information about the available MikroCloud watch-lists can be found under Resources → Watch Lists.

WAN Failover

Combine up to 4 different internet mediums for highly resilient cloud connectivity. Link fault detection happens in seconds and fault recovery in under 30 seconds.

API Credentials

This is a list of the last 30 password changes for the mikrocloud-api user account. It is recommended that you use a transient access account to gain access to the router.

Transient Access

Transient access allows you to log in to this MikroTik device over either SSH or Winbox through our existing management VPN. This access will expire after a configurable amount of time.

Orchestration Log

This shows you a log of events related to this device.

Config Backups

Here you can view, schedule, and run configuration backups for the device.

Fault Event Log

Faults and issues with this device are listed here.

Danger Zone

This is where you can remove the device from your list of deployments.

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