The Deployments menu is for accesssing the main pages related to configuring, monitoring, and managing your MikroTik devices.

MikroTik Devices

This page lists all of the MikroTik devices that you've onboarded to the MikroCloud Portal.

If you have a many devices, there is a search box at the top of the page to help you find any that you may be looking for.

If there are any faults or issues with your devices, those will be display here.

Use the Add icon (it looks like a "+" sign) to onboard a new device. This will take you to the Device Onboarding pages.
More on device onboarding can be found under Guides → Device Onboarding

To manage one of your existing devices, click on its name in the list and you will be taken to the Device Overview page.

More on the Device Overview page and the rest of the device management sub-pages can be found under Guides → Device Management

Control Plane Filter (CPF) Policies

This page lists your currently defined CPF policies. CPF policies allow you to configure access to trusted networks and ports, and assign the policies to your MikroTik devices. You can create new policies here, edit existing policies or delete them from the list.

More information can be found under Guides → CPF (Control Plane Filtering).

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