Welcome to the Quick Start guide.

This section will walk you through the process of connecting your first MikroTik router to MikroCloud as quickly as possible.

There will be two major steps in getting your first MikroTik router connected to MikroCloud

  1. Preparing your MikroTik Router
  2. Connecting your MikroTik Router to MikroCloud

The following assumptions are made. Ensure that they are true before starting:

  1. You have a working MikroTik router with power adapter and 2 ethernet cables
  2. There is no data or configuration currently on the device that you are concerned about losing
  3. You have an upstream device, such as a router, switch, modem or other network device that has Internet access
  4. The upstream device is cable of routing the Internet access to your MikroTik via an ethernet port
  5. A Windows or Mac computer with an ethernet port/adapter

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