IP Addresses

MikroCloud has a number of dedicated IP addresses for its services and leverages AWS and Cloudflare for its global reach.

With the exception of WAN Failover, all MikroTik management services are pointed to and Ensure that these IP addresses are always reachable from your MikroTik devices.

Ingress IP Addresses

The IP addresses below are used for inbound traffic to MikroCloud. Services such as the API, Transient Access, SFTP (backups), Management VPN connections etc.

Egress IP Addresses

Outbound connections from MikroCloud will be sourced from the IP addresses below. (e.g. delivery of webhooks)


Any interaction with auth.mikrocloud.com will ingress to the IP addresses below. This includes the login page, password reset, authentication API calls etc.

WAN Failover

When you utilize our WAN Failover feature, a service address for directing traffic will be randomly selected from the list of IP addresses provided below.

Each of your WAN connections will receive a distinct IP address from this list. It's important to note that we've set up routing rules on the router. These rules ensure that traffic is correctly directed through the appropriate WAN interface.

If you're testing and one of your WAN connections is offline, it's normal that you won't be able to access the IP address that's been designated for that specific connection.

Transactional Email

Transactional emails are originated from AWS SES, IP addresses are subject to change. We recommend using the dig command below to get the latest IP addresses.

dig TXT amazonses.com +short| grep 'v=spf1'

At the time of writing, the output of the above command indicates the following IP address ranges:

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