Device Onboarding

The Device Onboarding pages are used to add a new MikroTik devices to MikroCloud. These pages can be accessed via the Dashboard or from Deployments → MikroTik Devices page by clicking "+" (plus sign) icon.

To begin, first choose either the Express Onboarding or Enter Activation Code tab. Then follow the corresponding steps below.

Express Onboarding

Select a CPF (Control Plane Filter) policy from the drop down. If you need to create a CPF policy first, more information about doing that can be found under MikroCloud → Control Plane Filter (CPF) Policies

Then click Review Changes.

Revew the detailed list of configuration changes that will occur and verify that the CPF policy is the one you want. Then, if you're satisfied, tick the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Click Start Deployment

Click on the image containing the Bootstrap Command text. This will copy the command to your clipboard.

Open a terminal window for your MikroTik device and paste this command into it to load and run the MikroCloud bootstrapping code. Details on how to open a terminal window can be found under Resources → Terminal Acccess

Paste the boostrap commands into the terminal window and wait for the commands to complete.

Return to the Deployments → MikroTik Devices page and your router should apper in the list.

Enter Activation Code

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