Connect your MikroTik Router to MikroCloud

The steps in this section will walk through deploying your device to the MikroCloud portal.

Create Your MikroCloud Account

  • Go to
  • Click Sign Up
  • Use Google, Github, Microsoft, or your email address to register, or
  • If already registered, Sign in.

Add Your MikroTik Device to MikroCloud

  • From the Dashboard page, click New MikroTik
  • Ensure Express Onboarding tab is selected
  • In the Control Plane Policy drop down menu, choose Default Policy
  • Click Review Changes
  • Read the Terms and Conditions, then tick the box if you agree to them
  • Click Start Deployment
  • Click on the window containing the Bootstrap Command

Run Bootstrap Command on MikroTik Device

  • Open Winbox or Winfig
  • Open a terminal
  • Paste the Bootstrap Command text into the terminal
  • Wait for the commands to complete
  • Return to the Dashboard page and click Deployments

Your MikroTik device should appear in the list of devices being managed by MikroCloud


You've connected your MikroTik device to MikroCloud and can start using MikroCloud to remotely manage your device.

For a brief rundown of what you can now do with your device using MikroCloud, click the Next button.

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